Many people regard the artist’s studio as a place of mystery, an art work in itself. Whole studios have been recreated in art galleries, an exercise I find a bit excessive. For me the studio is a living place and not a dead thing. To be sure the space an artist creates in offers insights into that artists life/work, hopefully these photographs taken over the years (along with images shown in the work page under “In progress”) should give the viewer  an opportunity to view the ever-changing face of  my workplace. Various works, some finished and stored along with works in progress can be seen, some ideas brought to fruition along with those abandoned. This page is meant to be a window into my  private retreat which like any child’s room it is usually in a mess but hopefully it’s an interesting mess. Magic can sometimes unfold out of this mess, evidenced, hopefully by the finished artworks themselves but more often only to be experienced by the artist in the transitions the work undergoes as it emerges and the process of its emergence.